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New Forests of Maghreb


National road 75 Batna - Setif,

Township of Seriana,

Daïra of Seriana,

Willaya of Batna - Algeria.


Tel : 033 86 06 06

Fax : 033 86 07 71

E-mail : info@nfm-dz.com

Web Site : www.nfm-dz.com

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Canarian greenhouses
Nebulization greenhouses
Raising greenhouses
Production of apples
Production of cherries
Production of olives
Production of grapes
Plantations of olive tree

Fruit plantations :

Plantations of apple tree
Plantations of cherry tree
Plantations of nectarine
Plantations of apricot-tree
Plantations of grapevine
Plantations of ornaments
Plants of yearly flowers

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