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New Forests of Maghreb


National road 75 Batna - Setif,

Township of Seriana,

Daïra of Seriana,

Willaya of Batna - Algeria.


Tel : 033 86 06 06

Fax : 033 86 07 71

E-mail : info@nfm-dz.com

Web Site : www.nfm-dz.com

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Installation of Orchards

Small or big, the orchard obeys the same rules. Soil, the climate and the site are the factors importing at the time of its creation. A good earth of garden, sandy clay, piece of furniture, aired, and deep so that the roots of the trees can get settled, it is the ideal, but rarely the case. Then, it is worth to choose varieties well adapted to the earth of the garden and the region better.

It is exactly around these criterias that we intervene to assure the success of your orchard while taking in consideration: soil, the exhibition, the choice of the trees, fertility, the pollination…

Rich of several years of experience and to know how to make, the nursery the New Forests of Maghreb will know how to satisfy the most demanding of your waitings.


Size and follow-up of Orchards

Don't you can anymore or don't you have the time anymore to maintain your orchard? The nursery the New Forests of Maghreb will assure for you the maintenance stain of your orchard all take account of the harvest and the valorization of the production of it; the maintenance works of the parcel (on the part orchard); the maintenance works of the fruit trees (size and care); the works of regeneration of the greengrocers (plantation); the works of dead woodcuttings. During the whole period of the agreement, the nursery the New Forests of Maghreb will provide you an aid and technical appraisal concerning arboriculture; will possibly do a follow-up and a technical framing of the maintenance teams brought to intervene at the customer; to achieve a balance of the partnership annually.

Contact us for more of information.

Installation, size and follow-up of Orchards


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